Aromatherapy Associates Fragrance Candle Duo

All the oracles on blogging say that it’s really important to post regularly, and have an editorial calendar. Oh. Ah well, here’s hoping I am the exception that proves the rule, as I pop up after a few weeks absence to bang on about some stuff I have bought for Christmas. First up are these […]

Shu Uemura Raspberry and Mocha palette

You know how something is so beautiful you can’t bring yourself to use it? Well, that. With this. You can see how I briefly brushed the second from right shadow and the gold has already come off. *sad face* as my teenager would say. I shall stare it a little more and then take a […]

A bit of Bobbi

Bobbi Brown is one of my beauty idols and I will pretty much always find something on counter that I “need”. Hers was the first range I found that offered straightforward, professional make up and for a long time I stuck religiously to the original look that I got from the counter at Selfridges (foundation, […]

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment

I have always been an eye cream user, but having had a sample of Estee Lauder’s ANR eye serum to try, I decided I really liked the feel of a serum in the eye area. I like the ANR serum, but decided to give this one from Elemis a go. It’s genius. Truly genius. I […]

Break out the bunting

Well break out the bunting, for I have finished something. Nuxe is a brand that doesn’t get a huge amount of coverage. Its products are steady rather than spectacular, reliable rather than sexy. Most people will know about the multi purpose oil, but I thought I would give the hand cream a try. I am […]

All hail the Holy Grail

I’d like to take credit for finding this gem of a foundation but it’s another Sali Hughes recommendation. It’s from Suqqu and it’s like nothing else I have ever tried on my skin. I had been a devotee of Bobbi Brown foundations for years. Their SAs are generally excellent, they have always colour matched me […]

How a piece of pink plastic transformed my life

Every time I go to a new hairdresser, here’s what ensues. Me: Can you please be really gentle? For some reason my scalp is really sensitive. Them: Sensitive? Me: Yes. You know when you pluck your eyebrows and your nose starts tingling, your eyes start running and you want to sneeze? That’s exactly how it […]

July empties

Many moons ago, a friend worked for someone who had obviously told his wife to take some cash and pop out to buy “the girls in the office” something for Christmas. The wife, obviously with an eye to the main chance, had popped to the local department store. And what the girls in the office […]

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight palette

The first rule of Palette Club is that you shouldn’t buy it unless you like every single one of the colours in it. Oh, go on then, I’ll give you a free dislike on one colour, but basically you need to be in love with the rest. I learned this lesson the hard way when […]