I’ve had a Sony Reader for a while now, but buying books for it in the UK has been a pain. There really didn’t seem to be a totally UK friendly ereader out there. However, Amazon have finally upped the stakes, released a Kindle for just over £100 and set up a proper UK store […]

Fashion for nerds

You’ve got to love a site called Fashion for Nerds, but when you see what Audi wears you will wonder what the hell her colleagues in the lab think when she turns up. If they even notice, that is. As a dyed in the wool geek myself, this site really makes me smile.

Snooping about other people’s offices

I love the fact that via the magic of the internet, you can get to snoop around other people’s spaces with their consent. This guy, Michael Bungay Stanier has some interesting ideas on how to do interesting and really great work, and a fairly minimalist office setup.

In search of perfect handwriting

One of the things I would love to have is beautiful handwriting. Although clearly not enough to actually sit down and practice or anything, let’s not get ridiculous. Every so often I trundle over to An Inkophile’s blog and marvel at her handwriting which is truly sublime. I reckon if I stare at it long enough excellent […]


Lovefilm is the UK equivalent of Netflix, allowing you to rent DVDs via post. It’s a genius idea, and transformed my TV watching, but I let my original subscription lapse as sometimes I found DVDs were sitting around for ages before I got round to sending them back. And then I discovered that they had […]

Russell + Hazel

I absolutely adore everything on the Russell + Hazel website. The site design is so clean and the products just gorgeous. No really, look:   In my dreams I live in a Russell and Hazel adorned home, flipping through my elegant files, checking off the thousands of to dos that I have completed that day. Tragically they […]

Teux deux

The Quest for the Perfect To Do List – do you see a theme here – continues alongside the Quest for the Perfect Pen, Perfect Planner and Perfect Carrot Cake.   Firstly as a French speaker I hate the name. It’s pants. However it looks beautiful – have a look see. It doesn’t suit me because […]

The perfect pen

The continuing search for the Perfect Pen – one that wasn’t too thick, too thin, too scratchy – led me, via the magic of Google to Cult Pens. I don’t know anything about the people that run this site, but you gotta love people who are clearly pen obsessed. I particularly loved their section on their […]