Argo – DVD release

The Academy Award winning movie Argo is now out on DVD, and with an evening to ourselves for the first time in ages, we settled in to watch it. Those of you saw Saving Private Ryan way back when will remember D Day veterans saying that watching the movie was as close as it could […]

I’ve been on holiday…

…. and I’ve come back to find that I seem to have missed Summer completely and we have segued straight into Winter, the dog has eaten my laptop charger so I can’t blog properly and the total absence of sunshine means I can’t photo the things I want to show you. Apart from that, it’s […]

The Killing

If you already know who Nanna Birk Larsen is, you must already have seen the Danish crime drama The Killing. I missed it the first time round. Or, more accurately, I saw a growing band of fans developing on Twitter but by the time I got myself over to iPlayer the first few episodes had […]

A Level results: the day my school stuffed it up

Around the country thousands of students (my cousin included: well done!) have been logging in to pick up their A Level results. Those of us of a certain age will remember getting our results on a tear off computer printed page (no, I am not quite old enough to have received them on parchment via […]

Three reasons not to be a Tiger Mother

via flickr.com You can’t have missed the media hoopla about Amy Chua’s book, the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, in which she describes how she micro managed her children to success. In case you haven’t seen it, hop over to The Guardian and read their review. Prepare to feel inadequate. Or revolted. Or possibly […]