Social media: the new and the not so new

There seems to be an ever increasing number of ways for us to connect with each other. Just when I think I’ve got the hang of one method, I read a blog promising me instant success if I’ll just take the time to learn another. The very latest is a Facebook update. You can now […]

Windows Service Centre scam

We recently moved to a new house, and took over the previous owners’ phone number. Schoolgirl error. They weren’t ex-directory. We are now being plagued by phone calls from a number starting 0131 (although other numbers have been used), who claim to be from the “Windows Service Centre”. It is, of course, a scam, and […]

Time wasting app of the week

So you’ve done* Angry Birds, and you need something else to while away the 13 minutes between getting your child changed for their swimming lesson and wrestling his clothes onto a wet, angry body after swimming. Have a go at this one: Cut the Rope. Freebie available, and nearly as addictive as The Birds. * […]

Awesome Note: the app that saved my sanity

I have been searching for ages for a to do list app that would work on an iPad and allow me to create multiple lists. I’ve tried lots out, and the one that totally saved my sanity during our recent house move was Awesome Note. It allows you to create a Folder and within each […]