Keeping a one sentence journal

Those of you with children will know that what seems like an eternity stretching before you when they are born, rapidly turns into a twinkling of an eye when you have an eye rolling teenager. I’ve been pretty good at recording the big stuff – birthdays, Christmases, school productions and sports days – both in […]

On parenting a near teen

There are lots of downsides to parenting a near teen. No longer does a little warm body climb onto my lap and ask for a “duckle, Mummy”. There are no more pudgy little hands finding their way into mine as we walk down the street. But when you take three trainee eye rollers on a […]

From boys to men

The Boy’s school recently held an evening for boys and parents to discuss the physical and emotional changes that the boys were going to be going through over the next few years. I wondered how the evening would pan out. In our day being dragged into school one evening to discuss bodily changes whilst our […]

A blip in the space time continuum

Average time to put 5 items of school uniform on on a typical school morning: 15 minutes. Includes repeated nagging and Youtube cease and desist warnings. Total time today to try on 12 items of last year’s school uniform, with a promise of 30 mins XBox time at the end: 2 mins 26 secs. Go […]

Guest post: child safety

Today’s post is a guest post by Helen of Petit Mom. If you’ve ever sat your child on your lap while drinking a hot drink, or left a mug of tea within reach of your child, this will make you think again. Something that has affected me badly is my burn. When I was a […]

The Doctor Who Experience and pre-teens

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the use of the appalling term pre-teen. If you know of a better way of describing someone who doesn’t have teen in their age but can still roll their eyes like a professional, let me know in the comments. I recently took two of the afore-mentioned pre-teens to the […]

Breastfeeding: best for baby? Best for mum?

It’s National Breastfeeding Week this week, which means it’s time for the usual slew of articles and phone ins on whether breast is best. How times have changed. When my mother in law had her first child, she was told that “Nobody makes their own soup any more, dear, they all use tinned, so why […]

Top tip: Photographing children’s art

I recently stumbled across this link to Picklebums’ website, who gives a great explanation of how to photograph children’s art for posterity. I loved the idea of putting the photos into a big frame, which Picklebums links to at Jen Grant Morris’ blog. Photo via Children’s Book Review