Too young. RIP Jane Packer.

Several years ago I worked in Marylebone, London and used to pass the beautiful window of Jane Packer’s flower shop. As a former country bumpkin whose idea of a florist’s shop was a fusty window with some knackered looking dried flowers and a couple of half inflated balloons, looking at Jane Packer’s shop was like […]

A blip in the space time continuum

Average time to put 5 items of school uniform on on a typical school morning: 15 minutes. Includes repeated nagging and Youtube cease and desist warnings. Total time today to try on 12 items of last year’s school uniform, with a promise of 30 mins XBox time at the end: 2 mins 26 secs. Go […]

Helpful signage

Got to the station car park, only to find it’s full? Don’t panic. Simply hop back into the car and drive 13.4 miles to the next station. You can while away the time on the journey by wondering if there will be any spaces by the time you get there. Go NCP.

Golden hares and bubbling frogs

Readers of a “certain age” will know exactly what I am talking about when I mention the book Masquerade by Kit Williams. It was the cult book of the late 70s / early 80s. Essentially it was a treasure hunt in a beautifully illustrated form. The author had hidden a pendant of a hare in […]

My mid life rebellion

A few years ago a special birthday was looming. One with a 0 in the title. I was seized with an urge to do something rebellious and daring. I don’t really do rebellious and daring, so this called for some serious thinking. It needed to be legal. I wanted it to be something that would […]

Five gifts Father might actually want

Yup, it’s nearly time for the tat-schlock-fest that is Father’s Day and I have scoured the internet for things the Father of our Family (TM) might actually want to receive, without giving The Son a wan smile before tucking them in a drawer.  1. Personalised England mug This would amuse him for at least 5 […]