Five of the best

Five of the best: organisation blogs

I love looking at organisation blogs. Clearly, we don’t want to get carried away and actually start tidying things into lovely baskets, but for some reason I am always drawn back to looking at the blogs of organisation gurus and wondering if my home could ever look that lovely. Must be the latent perfectionist in […]

Five of the best: daily journaling

Many bloggers document the important events in their lives via their blogs, but sometimes it’s good to document the daily routine. I do this from time to time (I am too imperfect to do it every day), and love looking back at what I recorded of the everyday and seemingly (at the time) the mundane. […]

Five of the best: Children’s photography blogs

I managed to get my SLR camera out of automatic a while back, thanks to inspiration and guidance from these photographers’ blogs. I still dream of getting even within shouting distance of their ability. 1. Pioneer Woman is the grande dame of Lifestyle blogs with a huge section on Photography. She has a great section […]