BritMums Live 2012

Over the weekend I attended the BritMums Live blogging event in London. It’s a measure of how far blogging has come that this event, focussed mainly on parent bloggers, attracted over 500 participants to hear speakers as diverse as Ruby Wax, Sarah Brown, Cherry Healey and Judy Murray. For me, it was an opportunity to […]

Social media: the new and the not so new

There seems to be an ever increasing number of ways for us to connect with each other. Just when I think I’ve got the hang of one method, I read a blog promising me instant success if I’ll just take the time to learn another. The very latest is a Facebook update. You can now […]

Five of the best: daily journaling

Many bloggers document the important events in their lives via their blogs, but sometimes it’s good to document the daily routine. I do this from time to time (I am too imperfect to do it every day), and love looking back at what I recorded of the everyday and seemingly (at the time) the mundane. […]