How’s the pen obsession going then?



So how’s the pen obsession going then? Why, really well thanks *pours more money into the coffers of Cult Pens*

I suspect that if you drew a Venn diagram of beauty geeks and stationery freaks there would be a significant overlap. There’s perhaps something about the opening of the packaging around a new eyeshadow that induces the same thrill as the unwrapping of a freshly minted notebook. Excuse me while I do a small, carefully moderated swoon at the thought of a Leuchterm 1917. Sigh.

I continue on the quest for the perfect pen, which is a parallel, if cheaper, quest to the hunt for the perfect handbag. I’ve bought another pen haul from Cult Pens, and of course a new notebook (or two) to try them in, because I am the Queen of Notebook Hoarders of the World. I’ve narrowed it down to a Schneider, Pentel or Uniball, but further deliberation and careful note taking is needed. These are important decisions, and shall not be rushed.




2 thoughts on “How’s the pen obsession going then?

  1. Hi Debra, I was tidying my drawers and came across you card. We met at a bloggers event in London a few years ago. I was there as a sponsor, not a blogger. I was curious to see if you’re still blogging and see that your latest is about Leuchtturm1917 and pens. Just ordered some last week. Coincidence? Would you like to catch up? Kind regards, Jenny

    • Hi Jenny – be great to catch up! Sure it’s not a coincidence – the Leuchterm1917s are such great notebooks.

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