Luxury bodycare : travel edition



I wrote a piece recently for on my love of travel size minis. Apart from the fact that they look mega cute, they’re also an essential if you travel a lot shorthaul, as I do. I long ago gave up on checking baggage in and am obsessed with seeing how little I can take with me in one cabin sized bag, which means everything needs to be under 100ml.

Where the mini thing kind of falls down though is with body products. One mini body product tends to only last one or two days, because you need so much more than you do for a face product. If I’m away for a week or more I take with me a small bottle of quality bath / body oil, and then mix it with whatever the local supermarket has on offer. In this case, Dove body milk was under 2 euros, and I’d brought with me the Aromatherapy Associates mini bottle of Revive Evening oil (they do sets of the mini bottles every Christmas). Mix the two together and you get an easily absorbed body lotion that smells like you’re in a top notch spa.


Disclaimer: test, test, test: anything that smells this lovely has lots of essential oils in it, so do check it doesn’t irritate.

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