Argo – DVD release

The Academy Award winning movie Argo is now out on DVD, and with an evening to ourselves for the first time in ages, we settled in to watch it.

Those of you saw Saving Private Ryan way back when will remember D Day veterans saying that watching the movie was as close as it could possibly come to capturing the sheer terror of being on the Normandy beaches. I would imagine that those involved in the Iran hostage crisis of 1979 would probably say that Argo does the same job for those at the American Embassy that day.

Argo follows the story of six American embassy staff who manage to escape before the embassy is besieged and take refuge in the Canadian embassy. (As an aside, the British Embassy had a hand in their escape, although this is not shown in the movie – this link contains plot spoilers). The CIA come up with the most outlandish plan of all time to get them out of the country – one that could only happen in the movies.

Argo is beautifully acted and keeps maintains a high level of tension throughout. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it for a grown up, quiet night in.

Available via Amazon.

This review was based on a review copy kindly provided by Warner Brothers.

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