Batman: The Dark Knight Rises DVD review

I was lucky enough to be sent a little festive parcel from Warner Brothers which included the latest version of Batman on DVD. The Dark Knight Rises is the third in a trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) of Batman movies starring Christian Bale, and is set 8 years after The Dark Knight story.

Many action movies these days are over before you have eaten the first inch of popcorn from the pack. Not so The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a full blooded two and half hours which starts with a brooding Bruce Wayne, broken in body and spirit, and rises to a crescendo of mayhem. I watched it with my twelve year old and we both agreed it would not be suitable for much younger children: there is a considerable amount of violence that goes way beyond the KAPOW that Batman handed out in my youth, and a baddie that really is very creepy looking. However, for older children and adults it’s an absorbing and entertaining movie, with two great twists in the tale.

I would recommend watching the trilogy in sequence. The movie does stand alone but all three are great movies and Christian Bale makes an interesting study of a troubled Batman.

Anne Hathaway

I would be a poor beauty blogger if I didn’t mention the makeup. Anne Hathaway plays a leading role in this movie and her make up artists pull off a magnificent red lipped, powerful look. She looks far from the demure characters she has played in other movies.

You can pick up The Dark Knight Rises from Amazon on DVD for a tenner, which includes a digital copy for download or streaming. I was provided this DVD as a gift, but the opinions are my own and it would have made it under my tree in any case. Recommended.

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