July empties

Many moons ago, a friend worked for someone who had obviously told his wife to take some cash and pop out to buy “the girls in the office” something for Christmas. The wife, obviously with an eye to the main chance, had popped to the local department store. And what the girls in the office […]

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight palette

The first rule of Palette Club is that you shouldn’t buy it unless you like every single one of the colours in it. Oh, go on then, I’ll give you a free dislike on one colour, but basically you need to be in love with the rest. I learned this lesson the hard way when […]

Keeping a one sentence journal

Those of you with children will know that what seems like an eternity stretching before you when they are born, rapidly turns into a twinkling of an eye when you have an eye rolling teenager. I’ve been pretty good at recording the big stuff – birthdays, Christmases, school productions and sports days – both in […]

Cuticura anti bacterial collection

I recently attended the BritMums Live event, and one of the many exhibitors there was Cuticura. They’ve just released a new range of liquid soaps and hand sanitisers, and I was lucky enough to receive a sample set to try. Trust me, I am a long way from being a hygiene obsessive, but as a […]

NARS Fall 2012

I’ve just seen some images of the new releases over at Cafe Makeup. It all looks gorgeous, as ever with NARS, so hopefully we will be getting some of these goodies in the UK too.