Five things I wish I’d known when I was 18

1. Yes, this really is the best you will ever look.
2. Get the travelling out of the way when you are in your twenties. In your thirties, jet lag really bites and by the time you are in your forties you won’t want to sleep on anything except your NASA approved mattress.
3. The well known guest star in the detective drama is always the murderer. It’s the only reason they agreed to do it.
4. Christmas cards that come in packs have pathetically thin envelopes.
5. It’s actually OK to start a book and never finish it. Ditto a movie. Especially ones where nobody believes the main protagonist. They will make you feel uncomfortable for the entire duration, then you will be forced to sit through the bloody thing just to make sure he is believed at the end.

What about you? What do you wish your younger self had known?

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