The Killing

Photo via BBC

If you already know who Nanna Birk Larsen is, you must already have seen the Danish crime drama The Killing. I missed it the first time round. Or, more accurately, I saw a growing band of fans developing on Twitter but by the time I got myself over to iPlayer the first few episodes had gone. Recently BBC4 reran it, and I recorded all 20 hours. The plan was to watch 1 episode while I had my lunch each day.

Ah well, plans are made to be broken, right? It is totally addictive, beautifully acted (my Danish is a little rusty *cough* but the subtitles did not detract from the acting) and superbly plotted. My hour a day grew and grew as I accelerated through the series, desperate to know whodunnit. Ironically enough my earliest guess was right – but they had led me down so many blind alleys I had changed my mind 15 times in the interim.

It’s brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, do so, but be prepared to put your life on hold.

(By the way, it was remade in the US, so do be aware that there are two series floating around with the same name).

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