From boys to men

The Boy’s school recently held an evening for boys and parents to discuss the physical and emotional changes that the boys were going to be going through over the next few years. I wondered how the evening would pan out. In our day being dragged into school one evening to discuss bodily changes whilst our […]

Social media: the new and the not so new

There seems to be an ever increasing number of ways for us to connect with each other. Just when I think I’ve got the hang of one method, I read a blog promising me instant success if I’ll just take the time to learn another. The very latest is a Facebook update. You can now […]

Five of the best: organisation blogs

I love looking at organisation blogs. Clearly, we don’t want to get carried away and actually start tidying things into lovely baskets, but for some reason I am always drawn back to looking at the blogs of organisation gurus and wondering if my home could ever look that lovely. Must be the latent perfectionist in […]