A blip in the space time continuum

Average time to put 5 items of school uniform on on a typical school morning: 15 minutes. Includes repeated nagging and Youtube cease and desist warnings. Total time today to try on 12 items of last year’s school uniform, with a promise of 30 mins XBox time at the end: 2 mins 26 secs. Go […]

A Level results: the day my school stuffed it up

Around the country thousands of students (my cousin included: well done!) have been logging in to pick up their A Level results. Those of us of a certain age will remember getting our results on a tear off computer printed page (no, I am not quite old enough to have received them on parchment via […]

Helpful signage

Got to the station car park, only to find it’s full? Don’t panic. Simply hop back into the car and drive 13.4 miles to the next station. You can while away the time on the journey by wondering if there will be any spaces by the time you get there. Go NCP.

Windows Service Centre scam

We recently moved to a new house, and took over the previous owners’ phone number. Schoolgirl error. They weren’t ex-directory. We are now being plagued by phone calls from a number starting 0131 (although other numbers have been used), who claim to be from the “Windows Service Centre”. It is, of course, a scam, and […]