Guest post: child safety

Today’s post is a guest post by Helen of Petit Mom. If you’ve ever sat your child on your lap while drinking a hot drink, or left a mug of tea within reach of your child, this will make you think again. Something that has affected me badly is my burn. When I was a […]

The Doctor Who Experience and pre-teens

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the use of the appalling term pre-teen. If you know of a better way of describing someone who doesn’t have teen in their age but can still roll their eyes like a professional, let me know in the comments. I recently took two of the afore-mentioned pre-teens to the […]

Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon Q+A

So there’s a new Transformers movie out then? Yup. It’s the third in the Michael Bay franchise, and it’s called Dark of the Moon. Dark of the Moon? Is that grammatically correct? I sincerely doubt it. So it’s starring Shia La Beouf and the impossibly thin brunette like the first two? Half right. Shia La […]