Five of the best: daily journaling

Many bloggers document the important events in their lives via their blogs, but sometimes it’s good to document the daily routine. I do this from time to time (I am too imperfect to do it every day), and love looking back at what I recorded of the everyday and seemingly (at the time) the mundane. […]

Golden hares and bubbling frogs

Readers of a “certain age” will know exactly what I am talking about when I mention the book Masquerade by Kit Williams. It was the cult book of the late 70s / early 80s. Essentially it was a treasure hunt in a beautifully illustrated form. The author had hidden a pendant of a hare in […]

Breastfeeding: best for baby? Best for mum?

It’s National Breastfeeding Week this week, which means it’s time for the usual slew of articles and phone ins on whether breast is best. How times have changed. When my mother in law had her first child, she was told that “Nobody makes their own soup any more, dear, they all use tinned, so why […]

Top tip: Photographing children’s art

I recently stumbled across this link to Picklebums’ website, who gives a great explanation of how to photograph children’s art for posterity. I loved the idea of putting the photos into a big frame, which Picklebums links to at Jen Grant Morris’ blog. Photo via Children’s Book Review

Time wasting app of the week

So you’ve done* Angry Birds, and you need something else to while away the 13 minutes between getting your child changed for their swimming lesson and wrestling his clothes onto a wet, angry body after swimming. Have a go at this one: Cut the Rope. Freebie available, and nearly as addictive as The Birds. * […]

Five of the best: Children’s photography blogs

I managed to get my SLR camera out of automatic a while back, thanks to inspiration and guidance from these photographers’ blogs. I still dream of getting even within shouting distance of their ability. 1. Pioneer Woman is the grande dame of Lifestyle blogs with a huge section on Photography. She has a great section […]

My mid life rebellion

A few years ago a special birthday was looming. One with a 0 in the title. I was seized with an urge to do something rebellious and daring. I don’t really do rebellious and daring, so this called for some serious thinking. It needed to be legal. I wanted it to be something that would […]

Awesome Note: the app that saved my sanity

I have been searching for ages for a to do list app that would work on an iPad and allow me to create multiple lists. I’ve tried lots out, and the one that totally saved my sanity during our recent house move was Awesome Note. It allows you to create a Folder and within each […]

Five gifts Father might actually want

Yup, it’s nearly time for the tat-schlock-fest that is Father’s Day and I have scoured the internet for things the Father of our Family (TM) might actually want to receive, without giving The Son a wan smile before tucking them in a drawer.  1. Personalised England mug This would amuse him for at least 5 […]