So she’s pregnant and wants advice…..

Many moons ago I went on a village ladies’ night out. Over dinner, one of the mums was quizzing me about my family plans, and I coyly admitted that I was four months pregnant. She promptly halted all conversation at the table and announced my news. A briskly efficient looking woman at the other end […]

Abstinence is bliss. Apparently.

I am overweight. In fact, if you look at the charts I am either borderline overweight / very overweight or borderline overweight / obese. I might not look it – my thighs don’t rub and I don’t need to do the whole swinging the legs round each other thing when I walk, but the scales […]

The myth of doing it all

Lots of common sense here from kindred spirit Mom 101 on the myth of doing it all. It’s simply impossible – something has to give, and anyone that tells us different is living a pretend airbrushed life. Or they have some kind of unusual sleep gene that means they don’t need much sleep. Creative commons […]

Liar, liar, pants on fire

via Finally, proof positive that those parents who tell you that they had a “super” weekend, with their rosy cheeked children happily undertaking a ten mile hike, followed by a fabulous dinner in an unspoilt country pub where everyone behaved impeccably, are big fat liars. According to a Travelodge survey, “weekendvy” is causing people […] – a timer on any website – a timer on any website* Get more done by giving each task a finite duration. Simply choose a number of minutes and a website or search, and enter them in your browser address bar, or use the form below. Examples: – Just a timer (and google): – News break: – Quick […]

There’s no hope, really

I try to declutter, I really do. I’ve read the articles about keeping a donation station in your home, grabbing bin bags to go round your house and the like, but as the true imperfectionist I am, it just doesn’t get done. Case in point. Literally. I have a Kindle with a lovely pink case. A […]