Creative advent ideas

via Via some wonderfully creative ideas for advent calendars. C’mon, you’ve still got 12 hours. On the other hand you could for the Imperfectionist way and pick up a Maltesers chocolate one from the supermarket. It’s more the thought of doing something creative that counts, innit?

Christmas presents: Part 2

via For the sweet toothed amongst us, although those of us who remember four Fruit Salads for 1p will be wincing at the price. However, those of who saw the price of Bertie Botts’ every flavoured bean in Harry Potter Universal, Orlando are now thinking this represents a bargain.

Christmas presents: Part 1

via A couple of years ago we bought the Grannies a Nintendo DS each for Christmas. Sound move – they’ve been playing Sudoku on them ever since and then got totally addicted to Professor Layton. The Professor’s back with Part 3 for this Christmas, so this is what the Grannies will be doing on […]

Personalised Mugs

via Umm…. can’t decide if this is a nice idea for the nieces (with their names on, obviously) for Christmas. Or unspeakably naff. Help. This is why I am the imperfectionist. Nigella would just know.

Now I know I’m old

It’s finally happened. In a daze the other morning I was opening the cornflakes packet when I saw that there were some grooves marked into the cardboard. Even in my daze I thought that this was different, so I flipped the pack and read: K-LOCK PACK. Next to this was a handy dandy four step […]