I’ve been unfaithful to Tony Blair

I was reading Tony Blair’s book but frankly his “I saved social democracy / Sierra Leone / the universe” spiel was doing my head in. So I am afraid I was unfaithful and took up with a new companion, the lovely Stephen Fry. I’ve kept Tony Blair on the go in background mode. What a hussy.

Anyway, there am I reading the adorable Mr Fry, when I stumble across this passage:

“Thirdly, look at the kind of people who most object to the childishness and cheapness of celebrity culture. Does one really want to side with such apoplectic and bombastic bores? I will defend the absolute value of Mozart over Miley Cyrus, of course I will, but we should be wary of false dichotomies. You do not have to choose between one or the other. You can have both.”

I’m no literary type – but is Stephen Fry telling me it’s OK to like The X Factor? Like, actually OK and I won’t be sneered at for admitting it? Result. And on that note, Gamu was robbed.

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