Harry Potter and the Beautiful People

There’s been a break in blogging while we trooped off to Florida to see (amongst others) Harry Potter in Orlando and watch beautiful people in Miami. I’ll blog more about the Orlando experience when I am fully over the jetlag – 2012, then – but two immediate thoughts: 1. Butterbeer tastes delicious. For one sip. […]


I’m not hugely fond of self help books, but absolutely loved Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. Perhaps I like it because it’s not really a self help book, but more a memoir of the author’s test driving of assorted wisdom about happiness. It’s totally non preachy, and I like the way she added more and […]

Tough marking and popcorn

It’s a family tradition that when we go to the cinema, we give the movie a mark out of ten. I won’t lie – we are tough markers. In fact, The Hub’s all time maximum mark was 4.5/10 (Shaun of the Dead, as you’re asking – he gave it 4 for making him laugh and […]

Are you a complainer?

I never used to complain when I received bad service. Obviously I would bitch and whine later on (when it was way too late) but I would be too embarrassed to say anything at the time. Then I lived in France for a bit. And learned to toughen up. A combination of almost universally crappy […]

Uh oh – I’ve used up the free pass

I reckon that all parents get one free pass with their kids. An opportunity to make a howler that hopefully won’t cost too much in therapy when they are older. Like the time my mum sent my brother and me back to school ONE DAY EARLY. Yes, we were stood at the bus stop, wondering […]

I’ve been unfaithful to Tony Blair

I was reading Tony Blair’s book but frankly his “I saved social democracy / Sierra Leone / the universe” spiel was doing my head in. So I am afraid I was unfaithful and took up with a new companion, the lovely Stephen Fry. I’ve kept Tony Blair on the go in background mode. What a […]