I’ve always been a big reader. Ever since I shoved the other kids out of the way at Juniors to be first to snatch Folk of the Faraway Tree, books have played a massive part in my life. Nothing wrong with being aggressive to other children if it’s in a library, in my opinion. The […]

IKEA – sheer genius or the devil’s work?

So IKEA – what do you think? Useful stuff at great prices? Or the devil’s work behind an innocuous blue and yellow facade? I only ask because for many years we schlepped round to one of the London branches, fought our way through the weekend crowds and emerged three hours later, battered and bruised with […]

How do people do this stuff?

Total fabulousness from How people have the time, energy and talent to make a mini gingerbread house that sits on the edge of a cup is beyond me. Back to the cheese sandwiches for tea, then. (I was first pointed towards this site by my fabulous friend Jo. Thanks Jo.)

Stages of a Grand Design

Stages of watching an episode of Grand Designs: 1. Wow! That design looks absolutely amazing. 2. Blimey, that hole is big. Took no time at all, either. 3. We should absolutely do this. Let’s get a pen and paper and make a list of things we’d have in our dream home. 4. That timescale seems […]

Politics, anyone?

So here’s what I’m reading at the moment. It’s not exactly a light hearted page turner, and I’m definitely not reading it because I want to be a politician – a statement which should probably immediately qualify me to BE a politician – but I am interested in why people become politicians and what makes […]

It’s 99 days till Christmas

Don’t hate me – it’s not my fault, I don’t set the calendar, plus I read it on another blog somewhere, so I actually had no idea before today. But as of today, it’s 99 days until Christmas. How early do you start getting ready? I am not quite sad enough to be buying the […]

Things – task management on the Mac

via I have tried multiple ways of taming the to do list, and as an Apple fan-girl this is one of the best with one MAJOR drawback that stopped me using it. First the good bits. It’s intuitive and very easy on the eye. If, like me, you like dividing your to dos by […]