Deadline day

If you are a football (soccer) fan, like me, this is one the most important days of the year. Today is transfer deadline day – the last day that players can change clubs in Europe until Christmas. Traditionally there’s lots of excitement around who is moving to which club, and the BBC and Sky run […]

Thank you amazon

Thank you Amazon for shipping the cover for my Kindle. I bet when you actually ship the Kindle it will look great in the cover. In the meantime, I’ll just stroke the cover or something.

School shoes

You’ve braved the crowds, listened to the advice of the 12 year old assistant in the shoe shop and finally selected an appropriate pair of school shoes. WRITE THE SIZE DOWN RIGHT NOW OR TAKE A PHOTO OF THE SIZE INFO ON THE BOX. Because if you are anything like me you will be sitting […]

My ****-it list

Inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal  I have decided to make my own 5 item ****-it list. This is the antithesis of a “bucket list” (i.e. things you want to do before you kick it). The ****-it list is the list of things I never plan to do (or do again). 1. Camping. Or “glamping” for […]


via Evernote is where I dump my brain. I love it because: a) it’s free. We love free in this house. b) it syncs anything you record across pretty much any device: Mac, PC, iPhone, mobile c) it’s childishly easy. And adult-ly easy too. If I spot a recipe I like I dump it […]

Cooking by numbers

I am an excellent theoretical cook. If there were a cooking theory test, like the driving theory test, I would probably get an A*. I flip through foodie magazines. I look at luscious, mainly US blogs that have lovely photos of perfectly decorated cupcakes. I have a stack of cookery books in my kitchen, which […]

The day I realised I wasn’t Martha Stewart

It was October, and a note came home from school. It had a sad clip art of an apple and carrot at the top and in that bendy WordArt writing it said “Harvest Festival”. Underneath it cheerily announced that we were “invited” to send in something, preferably home grown (mould?) for donation to the retired […]

Entertaining the imperfect way

The Boy had a friend over for a sleepover last night. In our family, we believe that guests should be welcomed in a warm and friendly way, brought into the heart of our home and treated as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Those welcoming touches like a soft cosy duvet and maybe a […]

Already Pretty

I highly recommend a wander around Already Pretty, Sally McGraw’s website on style and feeling your best. Lots of ideas and style advice, and links to all sorts of wondrous sites on style. Great inspiration (and also a fabulous tattoo that I would never dare have).