Lovefilm is the UK equivalent of Netflix, allowing you to rent DVDs via post. It’s a genius idea, and transformed my TV watching, but I let my original subscription lapse as sometimes I found DVDs were sitting around for ages before I got round to sending them back. And then I discovered that they had […]

Russell + Hazel

I absolutely adore everything on the Russell + Hazel website. The site design is so clean and the products just gorgeous. No really, look:   In my dreams I live in a Russell and Hazel adorned home, flipping through my elegant files, checking off the thousands of to dos that I have completed that day. Tragically they […]

Teux deux

The Quest for the Perfect To Do List – do you see a theme here – continues alongside the Quest for the Perfect Pen, Perfect Planner and Perfect Carrot Cake.   Firstly as a French speaker I hate the name. It’s pants. However it looks beautiful – have a look see. It doesn’t suit me because […]

The perfect pen

The continuing search for the Perfect Pen – one that wasn’t too thick, too thin, too scratchy – led me, via the magic of Google to Cult Pens. I don’t know anything about the people that run this site, but you gotta love people who are clearly pen obsessed. I particularly loved their section on their […]